Our Donors

Anonymous donors from our concert audiences have contributed over $5,000 over the past year!

Thank You

If there are any errors or omissions, please accept out apologies and contact us at orchestra@cosmicsymphony.org or by calling (240) 718-4640.

Maestro’s Circle Sponsors – Individual Support

Concert Audience
Kathy Glockner

Concerto Sponsors – Corporate Support

Arts Council of Calvert County
Cedar Point Federal Credit Union
Joey A. Miller Foundation, Inc.
Lexington Park Family Dentistry
Maryland State Arts Council
St. Mary’s Arts Council
St. Mary’s County Government

Marquee Sponsors – Corporate Support

G&H Jewelers
Holland America Line
Naval Systems, Inc
Shore United Bank
Spalding Consulting

Overture Sponsors – Corporate Support

Corinthian Yacht Club
Greene Turtle California, LLC
Network for Good
OSI Restaurant Partners, LLC


Concerto Sponsors – Individual Support

Tony Avak
Frank and Christina Allen
Patricia Gray
Julia Nichols
Mindy Striep

Sonata Sponsors – Individual Support

Karen Abrams
Anonymous Donors
Mary Beth Brown
Nancy Gould
Tami Graf
Michael Judd

Overture Sponsors – Individual Support

Gerry Adams
Stefanie Bartley
Sue Ann Blackwell
Jeannie Miller-Bologna
Innes Borstel
Amy & Brian Boswell
Steven Brittin
Rich Buttigieg
Pamela & George Callen
Jo Anne Choporis & Mary Choporis Russell
Amanda Connelley
Sharon Cox
Gennie & Phil Cronan
David & Helen Didion
Virginia Diehm
Ruth Grover Dixon
Amy Ertter
Monica & William Esterling
Richard Findley
Eliot Margarete Girsang
John Giusti
Susie Glauner
Bonnie Green
Francis & Patricia Greenwell

Phoebe Griffitts
Janet Gross
Bridget Heidelbach
Amy Henderson
Judith Hinds
William & Amy Hones
Sara Houde
Dorothy Howe
Peter Huebner
Eun Hwang
Nimesh Khatri
John & Claudia Knowlton
Callie Kwiatkowski
Trudy & William Lawyer
Maggie & Dong Liang
Elema & Joshua Lim
Keith & Robert Loker
Barbara Lorton
Patricia Malatesta
Lowell Martin
Patrick McDonald
Richard & Cheryl Michi
Jeannie Miller-Bologna
Erika Mitchell
Leroy Mrozowski

Kate Muchnick
Boris Naydich
Alan Newhouse
Jackie Nolan
Ginny Norris
James Osterhouse
David & Marci Roan
Karen & Joe Roberts
Kelley Rogers
Richard & Mary Russell
Polly Rustin
Jillian Satur
Bob Sheranko
David & Debra Showalter
Dana Smith
Mr & Mrs. Peter Stathis
Kathy Straka
Robert Tribble
Mary Lou Troutman
Marcia Van Gemert
Barbara Vanmaastricht
Carole Vanwie
Fred & Jackie Victor
Randi Vogt
Gina Yingling
Lin & Robert Yuan
Leonard & Karen Zuza

Updated:  05/10/2024

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