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Will Esterling with 2023 YAC Winner Jane Liang
Will Esterling with 2023 YAC Winner Jane Liang
Will Esterling, COSMIC Symphony Music Director
Will Esterling
Nancy R & Norton T Dodge Performing Arts Center Ribbon Cutting Ceremony
Will Esterling, a native of Wilmington, Delaware, is a passionate and dedicated music director, educator, and trombonist who has spent his life immersed in the world of music. His journey from a supportive musical upbringing to becoming the Music Director of the COSMIC Symphony is a testament to his unwavering commitment to the art of music.

Born and raised in Wilmington, Delaware, Will Esterling was fortunate to grow up in a household that encouraged and celebrated music. His journey as a musician began in the fourth grade when he picked up the trombone. This early connection to music sparked a lifelong passion that would define his career.

Will’s educational journey led him to pursue music at a higher level. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in Music from Ithaca College, where he majored in Music Education and Trombone Performance.

His dedication to his craft didn’t stop there, as he continued his studies and achieved a Master’s degree in Conducting from the Catholic University of America.
Throughout his career, Will Esterling has held several key roles in the world of music. He served as the assistant conductor to the New Orchestra of Washington (NOW), contributing to the orchestra’s artistic vision and musical excellence. Additionally, he brought his talents and expertise to the Maryland Classic Youth Orchestra (MCYO) as their assistant conductor.

As the Pep Band Director at American University, Will’s leadership and musical direction added an electrifying dimension to campus life. He also assumed the role of Coordinator for the Winds Department at the Levine Community Music School, where he guided and inspired young musicians to reach their full potential.

Currently, Will serves as a trombonist with the 287th Army Band of the Delaware National Guard, where he continues to share his musical talents and dedication to service. His educational journey brought him to Tyler Elementary in SE Washington, DC, where he teaches music, shaping the next generation of musicians.

Will Esterling’s life is defined by his mission to serve people through music, both as an educator and performer. His commitment to music education and his passion for performing have touched the lives of many, making him a respected figure in the musical community.

Will’s journey has been enriched by the guidance of notable mentors, including Marin Alsop, Murry Sidlin, James Ross, and Simeone Tartaglione. These influential figures have helped shape his understanding of music and conducting.  An advocate for modern music and progressive programming, Will Esterling is dedicated to expanding the horizons of musical exploration and ensuring that the art form continues to evolve.

Will Esterling’s journey from a supportive home in Delaware to the role of Music Director of the COSMIC Symphony is a testament to his unwavering dedication, musical prowess, and passion for educating and inspiring others through music.  His life’s work is a harmonious fusion of artistic expression and community service, making him a dynamic force in the world of music.


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